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        We have found that meeting “1 on 1” is the best most effective method of Discipleship.   We define discipleship as two people meeting one on one to share their relationships with God. We approach this by asking and answering 3 questions with one another:

  1. Where are you with God right now? What’s He been showing you in His Word?
  2. Tell me about an experience with God you had this week, that was undeniably Him!
  3. Give me 3 things that I can be praying for you right now, and throughout the week.

Another approach as you get deeper into this Discipleship Relationship is simply asking each other,  “What are you struggling with?”  Then, listen to the answers where normally a lie is revealed that we believing.  Find truth that will blow up that lie.  In twenty years of asking that question, we have never heard a man respond,  “I’m not struggling with anything.”

If you have felt the need to grow more intimate with Jesus Christ in a one on one setting, please contact us to connect.  You can also ask about how to pursue this with someone with whom you already have relational equity.

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