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My discipleship question

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Discipleship

“Discipleship…What’s that?” That’s the first discipleship question (of many, by the way) that I asked God in prayer upon knowing that He had called me to a ministry of “1 on 1” Discipleship on June 2nd, 1998. Well, it’s been many years since that question. You see I had never been discipled or tried to […]

So, back to the original question, does “troubleshooting as discipling” qualify as a D.R.? I think anytime two human beings try to sort out their respective relationships with God according to Matthew 28, there’s some serious disciple making going on there. Why? Because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit just as Jesus promised. Discipleship […]

Go Make Disciples

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Discipleship, Jesus

So, Jesus meets all His guys on a mountain and gives them the critical success factors, meaning “I’m seemingly leaving and here’s what I want you guys to do.” He tells them to “go make disciples.” In other words, “You guys are my disciples, so in your going, whatever you’re doing, perpetuate more of you. Go […]

Classic Discipleship Redefined

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Discipleship

Classic discipleship relationship (D.R.) is what I had always thought of as my objective. Here’s what I thought true discipleship was for many years because I had experienced this same pattern over and over. A man would call me and say, “I heard about what you do and was wondering if maybe we could get […]

Discipleship Demystified

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Discipleship, Truth

One of the most interesting things about what I have been doing vocationally is trying to describe it to Christians. When I tell folks that I do “1 on 1” Discipleship via Jesus Spoken Here Ministries, they normally ask if that’s a church. Or, they ask where do I preach? As I explain that I […]