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Jesus Spoken Here Ministries- A Greater Atlanta area ministry of availability

The mission of Jesus Spoken Here is to be a “Ministry of Availability” to those who seek to abide in Jesus Christ and grow joyfully in love with Him!  This means we serve others by entering into a discipling relationship with them in one or more of our areas of ministry.

Our role in this mission is to help believers grow in an intimate relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ, having been called to a ministry of “one on one” discipleship, ministering to business owners, and helping men connect with truth in an small group environment.

Our mission is carried out via discipleship, which we believe is a simple process. It occurs when two or more people get together to listen and point. We listen to one another and point each other back toward the wisdom of God. We define discipleship as:

  • Meeting for the purpose of experiencing Christ as life
  • Where a disciple, a pupil, one who is teachable, learns and grows
  • Intentional and relational
  • A relationship

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