A Friend in Need

Posted: 26th March 2022 by Jesus Spoken Here in Discipleship

My best friend Jeff Joyner, who is a GIANT in my life, is allowing me to communicate this with his many friends, on his social media platforms…after many conversations. So, I felt led to post this to my friends on LinkedIn as well.

Jeff and I became good friends, when our family began attending Bridgeway Church, where he was on staff in Alpharetta GA in 1995. My wife Christi and I became part of the Worship Ministry, and found Jeff to be a natural born servant-leader, and mobilizer of people, to form bands, choirs, and vocal teams.  He discipled me, and modeled an uninhibited “abandonment to Jesus”, to say or do, whatever the Holy Spirit prompted him to do. My friend was greatly instrumental in helping me discover my identity in Christ.  He painted a picture that Jesus could be trusted completely. 

Jeff was a sounding board for me, when the Lord led me to launch a “one on one” discipleship ministry 22 years ago.  We have remained close, although we live 2500 miles apart. Jeff and his awesome wife Sherry, are both extremely authentic, adore each other, and love their boys, daughter in law, and granddaughter well.  So, why have I hijacked Jeff Joyner’s social media accounts to share this? 

Jeff’s job as Worship Pastor in Oregon,  came to a close three years ago.  Since then, he has aggressively pursued a wide range of ministry opportunities, and has expanded his search to secular, and governmental jobs, but to no avail.  We have often discussed why God has seemingly closed door after door, as they have pursued His leading and direction for the future. As a result, this time of uncertainty, has presented them with many financial challenges.

In the midst of all this, Jeff and Sherry were informed that their rental home in Oregon was going to be sold.  Without jobs, they now had to pack up everything, rent a storage unit, and return to the place where they raised their boys, the Seattle area.  This is where they feel most at home, and Seattle seemingly represented his best job prospects.  They have been there since February, and have yet to secure permanent employment and housing.  No jobs yet.  No income. No margin to fall back on. 

The past three years, during this difficult time, God has been prompting Jeff, to share experiences from his life on social media, in devotional form, with the hope of encouraging others in their faith.  He began writing and blogging about stories and lessons from his past, as he simply shared with all of us, what God had shown him.  As a result, thousands of people just like you and me, have been impacted, and look forward to his next post.  Could it be, that God has allowed this difficult three year stretch, to birth this devotional ministry? 

In an emotional conversation with Jeff a few days ago, I believe the Holy Spirit gave me a question to ask him… “Why not give the Body of Christ an opportunity to fund what you are already doing, both via your blog, and the many people that you are pouring into?”

So this is the question I pose to you, with great respect.  Would you consider helping the Joyner’s financially during this transition?   The Ministry that I work for, “Jesus Spoken Here”, jesusspokenhere.com is able to receive your contributions designated to the JOYNER FAMILY.  We are a 501c3 Non-Profit, and will pass on 100% of all funds designated to the JOYNER FAMILY to Jeff and Sherry Joyner.  In return, we will send a tax deductible receipt within days.  

If you would like to donate online,

go to:https://www.jesusspokenhere.com/make-a-donation/

The form asks “I would like to make a”

For JOYNER FAMILY Benevolence, check ONE TIME DONATION    


Mailing a Check?                                            

Jesus Spoken Here Ministries, Inc.                 

c/o Casey & Christi Sanders

5918 Mount Water Trail

Buford GA 30518 

Remember to designate: JOYNER FAMILY 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call/text me at 404-918-5343 or email me at caseymatts@aol.com 

Thank you and God Bless!   

Jeff & Sherry

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