Truth or Lie?

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, what is truth, and how do we get more of that? Flash back to September 4, 2013…my oldest son’s birthday. It’s been over 15 years since I got the call to do what Jesus really called all of us to do.

Recently God had ambushed me again and uncomplicated this whole discipleship thing even further. It was a simple concept, delivered in a very simple way.

I lead a Friday morning Men’s forum called Men Step Up, now called CARDS ON THE TABLE   We talk about lies that men believe and expose the lie with scripture. It’s a very different type of environment. We meet in a restaurant at 6:30 am, and I typically talk for about 10 minutes introducing the lie and the scripture and then allow 20 minutes of discussion at the tables. Then, we wrap up for about 10 minutes finding out what happened at the tables. It’s fascinating to hear the buzz in the room with all these men authentically thinking out loud together…and letting the truth of God collide with their thinking. The simplicity of the Men Step Up format reflects the very nature of truth…simple. And it works.

Here’s some truth to nibble on…We live in a fallen world dominated by lies. Those lies hide deep within our minds, and are given credibility by the conviction heard in people’s words as they speak them, media outlets with dramatic lead stories and “expert panels” that easily spread them, our parents actions as they love us through them, the clinched fist of the bully in the schoolyard who lives them, and the continuous bombardment of social media updates as we proudly flaunt them to other people who mostly don’t care about the truth. Lies (both big and small) are planted by the enemy and perpetuated through 10,000 messages a day as we are literally overwhelmed with volume until we eventually accept those lies as the very “tenets” of life. We have no shot of seeing them for what they truly are without God’s word and someone bold enough in our lives to point us back to the Him and His filter. THAT’S what Men Step Up does every Friday morning.

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