Troubleshooting as Discipling

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Discipleship, Relationship
troubleshooting as discipling

troubleshooting as discipling

So, back to the original question, does “troubleshooting as discipling” qualify as a D.R.?

I think anytime two human beings try to sort out their respective relationships with God according to Matthew 28, there’s some serious disciple making going on there. Why? Because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit just as Jesus promised.

Discipleship is not a method, not a 3 ring binder, not a curriculum, not limited to accountability, not a program, or not even a movement. It’s what Jesus described very simply and uncomplicated in nature…a relationship. Does it involve truth found in the word of God? Yes! Does it involve praying to the Father of the Universe? Yes! Is it two people trying to sort things out? Absolutely, but we need to be careful not to define it so narrowly that it scares people away or even causes them to not know when it’s happening.

We should enjoy publicly watching God do this stuff in us and through us and to us. We potentially have a front row seat to His activity of transformation…our own and someone else’s.

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