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HUSBANDRY “44”      


Our friend Peter Bourke,, has developed an amazing workshop of which every man we know should be a part.  Nearly 400 men have participated over the last 10 years.  It has been a game changer for most.  We jokingly refer to it as HUSBANDRY.  That word HUSBANDRY has nothing to do with marriage, it means the care of livestock. However, we have been called pigs before.  How about you?
Marriage Matters 
Whether you have an “adequate” marriage or one that is struggling, we’d like to invite any man to join us in a 6-week Workshop designed to illuminate God’s Design for being a Husband. The workshop premise is that we men have the ability to transform our marriage relationship, starting with us. 
Marriage is hard to get right for most of us…which is frustrating because you’d think it should be the best and easiest relationship in our lives. Gaining an understanding for God’s Design for Husbands and His empowerment to be a Husband is mission-critical in transforming an “adequate” marriage into one that is thriving and abundant.  
The “Value Proposition” for an abundant marriage:

No Guessing as to your part – Biblical Truth clearly stating what God had in mind when He created the role of Husband

Renewed Intimacy

A marriage that allows your children to thrive

A relationship where kindness, patience, and forgiveness are prevalent

So, why do we call this HUSBANDRY “44”? Men try desperately to be Husbands the right way, while rarely consulting God’s simple instructions in the Bible…sounds a little pig-headed, right? Thus the playful term of HUSBANDRY.  The “44” refers to the number of words God uses to tell us how to be Husbands.  44 words, 7 lines of scripture in one verse in the Bible.  1 Peter 3:7 –  the most instructive verse and one of the few verses to men about being a husband.

Please contact us to connect and join us for a HUSBANDRY “44” Workshop.

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