Discipleship Demystified

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Discipleship, Truth
discipleship is intentional 1 on 1 conversation between two people pointing to God's truth.

Discipleship is an intentional “1 on 1” conversation between two people pointing each other to God’s truth.

One of the most interesting things about what I have been doing vocationally is trying to describe it to Christians. When I tell folks that I do “1 on 1” Discipleship via Jesus Spoken Here Ministries, they normally ask if that’s a church. Or, they ask where do I preach? As I explain that I meet with one man at a time and help him fall in love with the Person of Jesus Christ, I get some confused looks.

Why is this? I think the confusion exists because we have our own definitions of discipleship…if we even have any definition at all. We have reduced it to membership or evangelism or education. While the truth is, Jesus defined it very well and was incredibly uncomplicated in nature. There is no need for re-branding!

Part of our unfamiliarity with discipleship is the lack of seeing it modeled. I asked the group to identify some men that are good at evangelism. Of course, Billy Graham came up as well as some men in the room. These are the guys who’ll witness to a stump if given the chance. However, when I asked for some men who are good at discipleship, the silence was deafening. You could almost hear crickets. Finally, someone mentioned Peter and Paul being adept at walking with folks.

So, we had to go back 2,000 years to find someone good at discipleship. Is that really true, or do we just not know it when we see it?

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